Bike Fitting


Bike fitting - Kyneton only

Cycling is a passion that is increasing in popularity and can be enjoyed at almost any age. While cycling can afford freedom, transport and numerous health benefits, it also can lead to pain, discomfort and injury, should the connection (fit) between you and the bike be less than optimal. 

We offer Bike Fitting Services, predominantly at our Kyneton location, however they can be arranged at Sunbury to optimise the fit between you and your bike


What is involved with a Bike Fit? 

A bike fit will commence with a thorough assessment of your general health, injury history, current cycling training, current pain or injury and  your cycling and non-cycling goals.

We then undertake a thorough physical assessment of, not only your anthropometric measurements (ie height, leg length and arm span), but also your movement control, flexibility, strength and skill.  

The thoroughness of both the history taking and physical examination is what can be lacking in Bike fitting services offered by non physiotherapists, Anthropometric

measurements are taken and the Bike fitter assumes that 2 individuals of similar height, leg and arm length can perform similarly on the same bike set up.  This is incorrect.


One individual may not have the required flexibility, control or strength to be in the same position and this can lead to pain and injury.  Hence, taking into account everything we have found on the subjective and physical assessments we set an individual up in the position that is optimal for them currently and prescribe exercises and training guidance of how to achieve  the optimal control technique  to maximise performance and prevent injury.  This may lead to a change in their bike fit over time, our bodies are not static over time our bike positions also should not be