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Mindfulness for Persistent Pain

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

What is Mindfulness? Accepting the present moment as it is while being fully present. The mind that can generate thousands of thoughts in a day. Some of these thoughts can be disturbing eg. Pain related thoughts. When we ponder on these thoughts, we could feel low, anxious, fearful, depressed, angry or sad. In turn causing an increase in the intensity of pain and finally impacting on our quality of life. If pain becomes persistent, this chain of thoughts and emotions could become automatic and persistent too, significantly deteriorating our quality of life. BUT PERSISTENT PAIN SHOULD NOT AFFECT OUR QUALITY-OF-LIFE Recent research suggests that Mindfulness practise can enhance the quality of life in people with chronic pain. How is this possible? Mindfulness practice can help in breaking the above chain of thoughts, by “rewiring” the brain with the help of the brain’s capacity to generate new pathways also known as Neuroplasticity. And what does mindfulness practice comprise of? Mindfulness practice comprises of mindfulness meditation and mindful awareness. Developing the skill of observing pain/thoughts/emotions without judgement or resistance thus allowing it to dissolve rather than amplify. It is equivalent developing a new habit, requiring persistence and practice. Physiotherapist, Erica Fernandes is certified as a mindfulness teacher who will help guide you in your journey through mindfulness.

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