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❄️ Winter Sports & Activities ⛷️

Updated: Oct 10

What an epic season this is shaping up to be❗

Have you just had a great weekend or week at the snow (lucky you!)❓ Are you feeling sore or did you over do yourself, or even get an injury⁉️

⛷️ Skiing and snowboarding are high intensity, high risk sports where our muscles are required to work at high torque, using in eccentric muscle contractions that require the most energy, force and therefore strength. The addition of velocity and control of our bodies on skis/board down slopes does make this sport high risk. Good fitness, preparation and equipment can reduce these risks but not eliminate them.

❄️ In Australia the most common injuries at the snow are from falls. Most people who have hit the slopes, have literally hit them, whether that be the snow, ice, tree or fellow riders/skiers. This has either injured their pride or sometimes something more. Common injuries we see after the snow are fractures/dislocations, strains/sprains and even some head injuries. All these injuries require some rehabilitation to return to our usual recreation, or even better another weekend at the snow!

So what is post slopes soreness verses injury❓

👉Fractures, dislocations and head injuries - these are usually day or trip ending injuries that require immediate medical attention of ski patrol and addition medical support. The recovery of these injuries can be longer, but these types of injuries still require some form of rehabilitation, exercises or manual therapy from your physiotherapist.

👉 Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). This is that muscle aching and soreness when muscles have been used to their capacity. DOMS is greater in sports where muscles use eccentric contractions. This aching and pain usually starts the next day and lasts three days, even up to a week! During this time you may experience muscle aching, soreness, reduce range or movement and even reduce strength. Good news - relative rest, adequate hydration, sleep and nutrition and these symptoms and soreness will resolve. Better news - having a post slopes massage at your local physio can help this soreness resolve quicker.

👉 Sprains/Strains - sprains and strains are micro to macro tears in muscles and ligaments. This occurs when the forces placed on the muscle or ligament is greater than that structure can handle and it tears. This results in pain and sometimes loss of strength. The difference between DOMs and sprain is the time; pain for sprains/strains are immediate. This requires a full assessment and treatment by your physiotherapist. Immediate treatment for all sprains and strains is RICER.

R- rest - stop what you are doing

I - ice - there is lots of that at the snow!

C - compress - using compression garments or compression sleeves

E - elevate - pop it up hill to reduce the swelling

R - referral - to Sunbury Physiotherapy

We can help you have a great season, and head up for another fun filled trip doing what you love❗

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