Pre Pointe & Dance Screening Assessement


Pre-pointe assessment

Sunbury Physiotherapy is happy to advise that we offer pre-pointe assessments with physiotherapist Bridy White. Bridy has many years of experience working with dancers including those at the highest level with her work with the Australian Ballet Company. Pre pointe assessments are used to determine whether a dancer is ready to safely dance en pointe. The time at which a dancer is ready to commence pointe work varies widely from dancer to dancer. At Sunbury Physiotherapy Bridy will thoroughly assess the lower limb for development, alignment, strength and technique to help ensure that going en pointe is as safe as possible. Advice and exercises are provided for each dancer based on assessment findings, and a comprehensive report is provided for students and dance teachers.

Dance screening assessment

Sunbury Physiotherapy also offers Dance Screening Assessments. This is a head to toe examination of the dancer to help identify areas that would benefit from further development to compliment their dancing journey. Dance assessments are often required as part of a dance audition and/or applications to some dance programs. A comprehensive report is provided as part of the assessment. Dance Screening and Pre Pointe Assessments are only available at our Sunbury locations. Please also advise at the time of booking that you require a pre pointe or dance screening assessment as more time is allowed.


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