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We know that pain, particularly persistent pain is a result of multiple interactions between our physical, psychological, emotional and social state. Negative pain-related thoughts can impact and intensify pain. Inability to shift our attention away from pain-related thoughts; negative expectations based on previous memories of pain and negative self-statements significantly impact quality of life.

In recent years there has been extensive research proving the positive impacts of mindfulness practise on pain, depression and anxiety related quality of life.

What is Mindfulness:

Non-Judgmental attention to the present moment- Tang, Holzel & Posner, 2015

The ability to observe our thoughts, emotions and experiences without offering Judgment or resistance.

Mindfulness practice will help you disidentify with your current situation including pain, anxiety, depression or stress and help you realize your true potential.

Based on current evidence:

Apart from this, Mindfulness is also known to improve sleep quality, emotional regulation as well as reduce the risk of developing cardio-vascular diseases.

We are aware that a lot of us find meditation or controlling our thoughts too hard, difficult to comply with and hence ineffective but what if we said meditation isn’t about controlling our thoughts? Come, book an appointment with us and let us help you “change your mind”.

Services offered:

1:1 sessions: 40 minute initial followed by weekly 20 minute sessions

Weekly Group sessions (5 in each) for 7 weeks.

Disclaimer: These sessions are not a substitute to your Psychology/Psychiatry sessions or medication. This can be practised as an adjunct to the above.

What to expect in the sessions?

Detailed assessment to help identify the main factors impacting and being impacted by your pain, stress, anxiety or depression.

Education: mindfulness and its effects, science of pain.

Mindfulness Practice, including guided meditation sessions, as well as it’s practical application in your daily life.

Let’s not allow pain to negatively impact our Quality of Life!

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