What is Telehphysio?


Telephysio is an online physiotherapy consultation via Video Conferencing (Like Skype or Zoom) without you needing to leave the house or the office, particularly relevant in these COVID times.

Importantly we utilise a secure Video Platform "Physitrack", which has extremely stringent security and privacy parameters, for our Telephysio consultations







A Telephysio consultation involves

  1. A thorough assessment and examination by your physiotherapist.  Your physiotherapist will take a complete history of your current injury/problem, and then may also ask you perform movements, that they can see over video to add further information regarding your condition. It is a good idea to set your device up so that the physio can fully see you performing these movement

  2. The physiotherapist will then discuss with you your assessment findings, provide you with a diagnosis and collaboratively form a treatment plan

  3. The treatment plan will include education about your injury/concern, preparation of a home exercise program, which will be sent you in video format, and discussion of potential lifestyle modifications as required

Is Telephysio  Effective?

Studies consistently show that Telephysio is just as effective as "face- to-face" physiotherapy consultations, so if you have any reasons that prevent you from coming into the clinic, give Telephysio a consideration.  Our team are also very happy to assist with any further queries regarding Telephysio that you may have.  We also offer short complimentary "Taster" sessions so you can experience Telephysio before deciding whether it is right for you 

Is Telephysio covered by private health insurance?

Telephysio is covered by medicare if you have a GP referral plan (EPC), most private health insurances, DVA, TAC and Workcover. Check with your health fund for more information.


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